Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inner Fire Yoga

Our church is located next to a yoga studio and last weekend I finally ventured over with a friend to check it out. I was a little intimidated because it is a hot yoga studio and I had visions of walking into a sauna type atmosphere, barely able to breathe, sweating and holding funny poses.

It turned out not to be quite as intimidating as I thought. (although I did sweat and have to hold funny poses)
We have a 2 week pass for unlimited yoga, so my friend and I are trying out as many classes as we can. I'm interested in learning more about yoga and how to even incorporate some of the stretches at home.

Last night we were in this yin yoga class, which focuses on deep stretches. You hold poses for 1-2 minutes. Wow. I stretched muscles in my hip that have probably never been stretched in my entire life.

The instructor was great as he walked us through the poses. At the very end he encouraged us to come back for more classes. Then he made the statement, "Yoga three times a week is a lifestyle".

That statement struck me. Over the new year, I've been thinking about things in my life that I want to become more of a lifestyle.
The definition of a lifestyle is

a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes.

Lifestyle changes come at different paces. In fact, most of my lifestyle changes have just been one small step in a direction. That step went well, so then came the next step. Before I knew it, my lifestyle was different in that area. It is really exciting to see change and growth happen at different paces. I think with that attitude, change is fun and freeing.

I don't know if yoga will be a lifestyle, but for now I am going to enjoy my unlimited pass and stretch in funny poses as much as I can!

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