Friday, November 7, 2008

World Changers

I am a firm believer that each one of us can be agents of change in the world. One of my favorite things is seeing people tap in to the deep desires of their hearts and then realizing that God can actually use them to change the world.

World changers come in all fashions- not just people like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Bono. They are ordinary people like Mike and Pam.

Mike & Pam are on part time staff at our church.
What do they do you ask.. they are our cleaning folks. Each week they vacuum, clean toilets and the like to make our church sparkle.

M & P have 2 grown kids and are grandparents. Mike grew up in the foster care system and was eventually adopted. He always had a heart to "give back", but for whatever reason never felt like he could be used in this way. Recently God was tugging on his heart to re visit this long time dream. So, he did. About 2 months ago M & P showed up with this newborn little baby girl in their arms. They have been her foster parents as this little girl's biological parents try to go through rehab and see if they can pull things together to parent. Pam is up for middle of the night feedings, burpings, diaper changes. They pray and care for this little baby, hoping to deposit love into her heart during this vulnerable time in her life. I talked to Mike and he just started crying as he said he couldn't believe God would trust them and use them as foster parents.

I love it! God is not just interested in empowering young people to do great things for Him. He wants to use everyone, no matter what season of life- children, elderly, middle aged, teenaged.
He wants to use us in our everyday lives to be world changers.

Oh, for more M & P s in the world!

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Robin said...

You were the very first person that told me that I would change the world. And because of the way you lived your own life and the fact that I could see what an impact you made, I believed you.

This is something I believe so strongly for my children. I'm always telling them they are not just 2 more kids born into the world. I know they world will be different because of them. :-)