Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wish Lists

So, it's the time of year when the 5 Christmas lists start rolling out at the Yochum household.
They work on their lists and then present them to their dad so that he can read them out loud at the dinner table.

This year's lists included:

Ashley's list, not including the St. Bernard dog, came up to about $2000.

Amanda only had 4 items on her list; one of them was for her dad to quit smoking

Alyssa pretty much wants money so she can go shopping and also really wants a hot pink digital camera. (do they make hot pink cameras??)

Alex wrote as small as he could to fill up an entire page. His items ranged from a python to a bowling ball, but the main thing he wants is a hunting license
(never mind that you need to be a certain age, take a safety class and have a gun besides a bb gun to hunt)

And besides basically copying what Alex had on his list, Austin also wants a personal refrigerator and freezer for his own snacks.

I just love seeing the boldness when kids create their wish lists. The sky is the limit in their minds. Ashley knows there's no way she is going to get even half of her desired gifts, but that doesn't keep her from asking.
Austin asked for his own personal fridge and freezer last year- he didn't get it, so it is on the list again for this year. His desires haven't changed and he is going to put it down once again and let his desires be known.

It makes me think of my approach in asking for things from God. Sometimes I don't ask for things because I want to "be content". But seeing these wish lists makes me think- Ask for it all- why not? If it's not in my best interest God isn't going to give it to me. But I bet He gets joy out of me feeling free to ask, just like I crack up when I read some of the stuff on the kids' lists.

In my 20's I had the boldness to ask for the world and really believed it could be mine. To be honest almost all of the things on my "wish list" with God were answered. Then I somehow just grew "content" and have stopped asking for things. Funny how that content thing can be positive on one hand and then negative on another hand.

So I think it's time I make a new list and see what God might have for this next season of life.


Hannah said...

christina, i loved this note. just yesterday i got all weepy over some desires of my heart that have never changed and have not been fulfilled. luckily i have a very kind husband who let me cry on his shoulder even if he didn't fully understand. :)
the good thing about these desires are that they are ultimately for the kingdom of God, so i should keep asking for them in accordance to His will.

thanks for this reminder!

who are the kids you're writring about? are they the kids you nanny for?


Tina said...

yes, they are the kids I nanny for. I am so excited that your desires are getting stirred up again and that you have an understanding husband!