Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tina enters the 21 century

So I am finally entering into the 21 century. One day earlier this year I had a TON of e-mails and I couldn't figure out why. Later that day my husband told me that it was time I used facebook, so he set up an account for me and I had all those e-mails from people seeing my account. Thus Tina's journey of technology began. I was resistant at first, but it actually has been good connecting with old friends and seeing their new seasons of life.

Next came texting. The thought of texting reminded me of my days as a youth leader and I wasn't really too keen on trying to act like a teenager. We got a new phone plan with texting included and I have to admit- I really like it.

So, now I enter the world of blogs. I was actually inspired to do this by a few friends- one of whom is Robin. She is one of my old YWAM friends who just happens to be an English major. I love Robin's love for writing and always enjoyed reading what she had to say, so I checked out her blog. If Robin can do it, so can I.

I am looking forward to sharing thoughts and learning from others. One of my favorite questions to ask people is "What is God teaching you or doing in your life these days?" I love hearing people's answers to that question. In fact I had a friend confess to me that anytime I invited her over to my house she would practice what she was going to say b/c she knew that question was guaranteed to come up.
(now that I think of it, she hasn't been over in awhile...)

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Robin said...

Hahaaaaa! Julie always said that she tried to prepare something to say b/c she knew that you'd ask her that question!!!