Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Black & Whites

A few years back Chris and I started a tradition where we would watch old black and whites &/or classic movies in the winter. It's a fun thing to do each year and of course what better to do on a cold night then snuggle and watch a good flick?

So, tonight we watched an Audrey Hepburn film and when it finished I was bummed. The film ended with each of the main characters making integrity choices, but it meant the movie did not have the usual "Hollywood" happy ending. In fact, all through the film there was romance and enjoying life, yet there was also integrity. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a product of my generation and my system is just not used to seeing a good film like this.

This is precisely why I like older movies and classics. It's good to get out of the MTV world and see class. Years ago I went to see Celtic Woman at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. It was truly amazing. These women had beautiful voices and brought a fresh spin on Celtic music. Each one of them wore these gorgeous, long evening gowns. They were classy women- no belly buttons showing or cleavage hanging out of their tight shirts. They were stunning- just like Audrey Hepburn on film.

Sorry Brittany Spears, I'll take Audrey any day.

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