Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip to the Bank

I went to the bank today to open up a checking account for our new church. It reminded me of being 11 years old and opening up my first savings account as a kid. I probably had about $25, but it was a huge deal for me. Today as I went to open an account for our church, I felt the same proud feeling that I did back then.

For months I have been chipping away at all our legal paperwork involved in becoming a non profit organization. I have just completed the 4th set of paperwork to be mailed off with just one more to go after that. Each time I mail a stack of papers off to the appropriate government agency and receive a notice back with their official stamp, it feels more and more real to me. Wow, we are actually starting a church from scratch. We are nuts, but we are going for it.

I feel like there is wind on our backs- God is behind us, encouraging us and moving us along this pathway. It just feels right. The "corporate" side of church is my least favorite part, but I am finding God in the midst of tax id numbers and bank accounts.
I love that Jesus will show up in any area of life when welcomed.

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