Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Back

I've been having problems the past few weeks logging onto my blog and FINALLY tonight I was able to get back on. I am so happy because I have missed writing.

12 DAYS OF....
My husband's birthday is next week and I am trying to be creative in celebrating it. One of his love languages is getting gifts and it is something I have had to work on over the years because it's not so natural to me.

This year I decided to do "The 12 Days of Birthday" based on the annoying "12 Days of Christmas" song. (I don't even think I can quote all 12 days and what the true love gave, but it doesn't really matter for my purposes.)

So I counted back 12 days from his actual birthday and each day surprise him with a little gift from his true love. I try to have some variety as to what time of day or how he gets his gift- so one day I put his gift in his lunch box he takes to work, another day it popped up on his e-mail account (that particular gift was 5 I tunes songs).

I think my favorite one so far has been 2 memory pages. I sat down and typed up 2 pages of memories we have shared together over the years. I had to stop myself since it was only supposed to be 2, but I could have saved that one for 12 at the rate I was going. It was so good to think about all the funny, memorable things we have experienced together over the years.

This gift giving stuff has been fun, not just for him, but for me too. Now I can see why it is one of his love languages.

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