Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best Dishes

Last night I was cleaning up dishes from my daughter's birthday party. She turned 1 and had a big party with her cousins, aunts and uncles, nana and papa. My father in law is a pastor, so we had a time where he shared a few Bible verses and prayed a prayer of dedication and blessing over her with all her family present. Then we ate dinner, played, sang, opened presents.... Liliana had so much fun!

Cleaning up these dishes were the best dishes of my life! If someone would have told me last year at this time that I would be throwing a party for my baby girl I would have smiled politely, but been rolling my eyes in my head. Yet, God completely took me off guard and surprised me with this gift.

These past 6 months of my life have been so amazing. I wrote in my journal the other day that Liliana is "God's joy incarnate in my life." She makes me laugh and smile and gives me joy everyday. I think having to wait so long to be a mom has made me want to soak up every moment with her.

I can't wait to do birthday dishes next year and all the ones to follow. Those are the best kind of dishes ever!

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..Jenny said...

Reading this made my cry! Word's can't express how much joy it brings to my heart to see you so happy as a mom!
Your Liliana is such a sweet, precious gift and we love her so much!