Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prayer Partner

I am so thankful for the gift of prayer. I am realizing more and more in this season that there are all sorts of prayers and that they bring life.

The prayer I am rejoicing in today is the gift of "praying for one another".

I have a prayer partner that I talk with once a week. We share about our week, what God is teaching us, struggles, good times, temptations, etc.. It has become a life line for me.
It seems kind of simple and doesn't last more than an hour, yet there is something dynamic about sharing life with another like minded human being and week in/week out taking time to share and listen to stories from the week and then always ending with a time of praying out loud for one another.
(okay, i just realized that was a huge run on sentence...)

Life is good when we can just pause and reflect on life. I am glad God is teaching me more about this and using my prayer partner as well. :-)

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