Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bikers and Bars

Last night our friends watched L so Chris and I could go out together and meet people. For those who have never church planted, basically when you first move to a new city, you try to meet as many people as you can. The technical term is called "gathering" or I guess in the corporate world it would be "networking". Chris and I are not really interested in gathering Christians going to another church.. we want to see people meet Jesus so we are hanging out at non-churchy places.

Wed night is bike night in Madison. Not Schwin bikes, but Harley bikes. Chris and I have a motorcycle- not for status, but for a cheap and fun way to get around town. So, we thought we would go check out "bike night". It was actually cool in the fact that literally hundreds of motorcycles are parked all over this location and it draws quite the crowd. However, we are so not the biker types. Everyone was decked out in their leather clothes and boots, bandanas on their heads, showing off their latest Harley gear. Here we are in our jeans and tennis shoes and a Honda Shadow motorcycle that totally needs to be washed!

It ended up being good though.. we ran into one of the bakers at Chris' work and also our realtor, who we like a ton. It was great to see her and talk and we hope to hang out again.

Then we went to this local bar. Chris met a bartender there who is Greek, so I had to go meet her. I love her! We hit it off immediately and by the end of the night exchanged phone numbers so we could meet up to go get some Greek food.
However, the funny part is that I have zero tolerance for alcohol. I really like the taste of good beer, but if I drink an entire beer I get really sleepy. So I am sitting at this bar and I can feel myself getting drowsy after about half a glass. So I switched glasses with Chris and made him finish mine so I wouldn't fall asleep in the bar.

The things we do for Jesus! :-)

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Robin said...

Not Schwin bikes? You crack me up, Christina. :-)