Wednesday, August 19, 2009

highlights of my week

-hearing my daughter say "i love you" for the first time. absolutely AMAZING!

- going to boston for a summit and sitting in a room with brilliant leaders processing how to be relevant with the message of Jesus. it was so challenging and empowering at the same time

- eating a souvlaki that was so good it reminded me of going to the souvlaki stands in greece with my cousin dimitra

- meeting ed on my flight home. he was so surprised i am a pastor and we had a great conversation about jesus and church, even though he is pretty turned off by religion. at the end he actually asked me to pray to my "Buddy" to help him have faith

- walking around the wisconsin dells with my family and checking out all the tourist attractions. who knew i lived less than an hour away from all that hoopla?

- getting a free $10 gas card with my grocery store purchase today

- reading a Mickey book to Liliana. on one of the pages there was a picture of someone waving. she reached over to the book and gave the picture a high five and said "Five". (it looked like any other high 5 to her)

- coming home to a clean house the other day- fresh sheets on bed, carpets vacuumed, kitchen scrubbed. i love my hubby!

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