Friday, April 16, 2010


this sunday we are moving our church to a new building- so excited! it is closer to campus and the location will work so well for our next phase of church life.

in our complex of buildings there is a yoga studio and a chiropractor. i can tell already i am going to challenged to healthier eating and exercise. once we get settled chris and i are talking about hosting a lunch to get to know the businesses. we were joking today about having to serve super healthy food- no chips for these folks!

we've been so encouraged by all the people in our church volunteering time, talents, vehicles, etc.. to get us ready for sunday. it feels like such a community effort and i love that. it's fun seeing everyone be a part and get excited.

we're celebrating after church with pizza and floats.
a root beer float sounds good right about now...

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Julie Kreke said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!!
I love watching what God is doing through you. Thanks for sharing your progress. I feel a little like I'm part of the adventure too :)