Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Greeks & J

One of my cousins, Bessy, is a Greek, hip version of Martha Stewart. She loves to cook, entertain and make things look so special. She used to own a little tea room where I worked on Saturdays with another girl, Julie. Julie grew up in a small town, her family ate 100% organic foods, and she just has a fun and simple approach to life.

Well, now the 3 of us are moms, so we decided to get together twice a month to hang out, cook our favorite recipes and let the kids play. Bessy makes a yummy Greek soup or entree for us to share at lunch and each time Julie and I rotate preparing some sort of healthy dessert or snack that we can take home to our husbands.

I love it! Our 5 kids (all within the age range of 6 months- 2.5 years old) have a blast playing at Bessy's. She has every toy known to man and it brings her such joy to share her goods with the little ones. Julie is teaching me so much about organic cooking and totally broadening my horizons. I used to go to Whole Foods and walk in the bulk bin aisle seeing items like spelt flour, but never being bold enough to get some and try a new recipe. That has changed. I have been experimenting like crazy, buying things I never have before and having so much fun trying new dishes.

Most of all, it's fun hanging out and just sharing about life.
I am so thankful to be in a "mom" season of life now and just want to soak up all I can.


Robin said...

love it!!! tina, do you have the book super baby foods? i love that thing. it helped me to know some really super healthy stuff to add to e and o's food that i never would have thought of. :-)

..Jenny said...

I love this ! You'll have to teach me in your organic cooking ways once you get here! I love that your in the "mom" season of life too and it brings so much joy to my heart to read those words from you!