Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday Chris had the idea that he wanted to get his mom a mystery book for Christmas. All of our shopping has been done for awhile b/c I am not into fighting big crowds at the store right before the holidays. But he wanted to do this for his mom, so we decided to swing by Borders, at the mall, on the way home.

Ok, seriously I have never seen such craziness in a parking lot. Cars were lined up at each of the exits getting to the main roads, almost grid lock in nature. We managed to get into the parking lot just as some guy was leaving and we parked. Chris ran in to get the book and I waited in the car with Liliana who was sound asleep. After about a half hour passed by I called him to see what was up. He was in line. I was hungry and when I get hungry I get super cranky. I started in... "Why did you have to wait til now to think of getting your mom a book, blah blah.. " After we hung up I called about a minute later to say sorry.

Finally Chris gets back to the car. I know it is going to take us at least 15 minutes or more to get out of the parking lot b/c I have been watching cars inch along. I am so hungry. Did I mention I had to pee really badly too? I also had this feeling of closterphobia- we were in this parking lot and there is no way to get out to the main roads. Some punk teenage kid would not let us merge to his lane, so Chris ends up blocking the incoming traffic. Liliana is up at this point. I am sure she is soaking wet, but she is thankfully just playing in the back seat with her teddy bear.

I am in this moment where I think, I have had such a fun day and I do not want to let this crowded parking lot ruin it. So I said. " Okay Chris, how can we make the most of this?"
He suggested putting on some Christmas tunes. I turned the station and it was some annoying re-mix of a Christmas song and it was not cutting it.
-This isn't working.
- Okay, let's go through the alphabet and think of songs that start with that letter.

So he belts out some "A" song.

Next came "B" and I started singing "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. At that point the mood changed entirely. We both started laughing and on went the game. Liliana loves music, so she would grunt in the back seat when it was a particularly fun song. It took 15 + minutes to get out of the parking lot, but it went by so fast. By the time we hit the ramp for the highway Chris was humming Zooropa by U2. We had such a fun time and it was the perfect ending to our day out .

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..Jenny said...

I love it! You guys are such a hoot!