Friday, July 31, 2009

Reading Seasons

My friend recently posted her top 15 favorite books on Facebook and it inspired me to think about what books have shaped me over the seasons of my life.

This is my first book I can remember. It was huge and filled with different activities and stories. My brother Nicholas would read it to me all the time before I knew how to read and I loved sharing this book with him.

Encyclopedia Brown/Nancy Drew
anything by Judy Blume
Shel Silverstein's poems
Kid version biographies- my mom loved it when I brought these home to read together. She even chose the story about Jackie Robinson, the first African American baseball player, as a topic for one of her college papers. She also liked it when I brought home Amelia Bedelia books to read. I guess she thought AB was so silly and it was fun to read together.

steady diet of Seventeen and YM magazines
The Night by Elie Wiesel- I used a cutting from this in a prose competition and won 3rd place in city of St. Louis
plays of all sorts
Le Petit Prince- it was all in French; good book and huge accomplishment to read a novel in another language
Bible- high school was the first time I read the entire Bible

4 loves by CS Lewis- this book got me into all of CS Lewis' other great books
Severe Mercy
Max Lucado books
Lonely Planet Guide to W. Europe- this book was a life saver for my backpacking trip
Any book on marriage or relationships I could get my hands on. I wanted to learn all I could, even before I was engaged
7 Habits of Highly Effective people- this book literally changed my life!
National Geographic & Victoria magazines- loved looking at the beautiful landscapes and photos

the internet!
Richard Foster- Celebration of Discipline and Prayer
NT Wright books
Real Simple, Prevention, Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food and Cutting Edge magazines
Kid's books- "You are My, I Love You"- I actually cried the first time I read this to Liliana

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