Friday, August 27, 2010


I used to think the idea of stay-cation was kind of cheezy, but I am now a huge fan. Our family had our first stay-cation this past week. We decided to take day trips around Madison so that Liliana could sleep in her own bed at night. It seems that lately whenever we travel it literally takes 2 weeks to get her back in her rhythm of going to bed at night. Let me say, it's not worth it.

Plus, we are still fairly new to the area and there's lots we haven't yet explored. So it was a good occasion to try some new places and just enjoy some days off.

It was absolutely refreshing.

On one day of our stay-cation we visited the WI Dells and took the Duck Boat Ride. They have army surplus amphibian boats from WWII that can travel on land and water. The Lake Delton and Wisconsin River are both beautiful areas and it was fun to travel on land and water in one trip. We traveled near some sand rocks that were beautiful. Our driver showed us an area had these 2 rocks that met with a small opening. It is naturally colder in this pocket and so Native Americans used this area to store their food. I love seeing how the Native Americans lived off the land and how nature sort of provided what was needed. Super cool.

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