Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catching up from last week...

Last week was Chris' birthday. He said it was a great birthday.. in the morning he took Liliana on a Daddy-Daughter date and then in the afternoon the two of us went on a date. Chris' love language is gifts. (from the book 5 Love Languages). I know that about him, but I forget how much it means to him until I actually see him with a gift. I bought him a special coffee machine that brews individual cups and he was the most excited person ever. He loved it and has been talking about it non stop for days. Seriously, he might have been more excited about it than Liliana was about her birthday gifts last month. It was fun to see.

We also went to our first family movie last week for a matinee. I don't think I have seen a movie at the theater for about 3 years. I had my bag loaded down with snacks to keep passing on to Liliana since she had never sat through a movie like that before. She was loving life. It was a fun family outing.

We had a conference in Milwaukee area over the weekend and then a very jam packed Sunday and Monday, so we are ready for our day off today.

We are about ready to have a blizzard hit Madison. I am excited! I love the snow and it is so fun when we get a large amount.
At this point in life we don't have to shovel driveways, due to where we live, and we have a hill outside our back door, so we can go snow shoeing. I'm excited to do some baking today, read, and hang out with my family. Here's to a relaxing day!

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