Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 5

Sunday was my b-day. After church our family headed up to Wisconsin Dells to spend the night at one of the resorts. They have these deals where the water park (indoor in our case) is included with the room. We had SO MUCH FUN!! Seriously, it was one of my top 5 birthdays of all time.

I was thinking about my past birthdays and these also come to mind as top 5..

BASEMENT PARTIES- My 5th b-day was a surprise party in my basement and that kicked off a strand of basement parties. I loved those- Hot Potato, Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Lots of fun.

DOUBLE SLUMBER PARTIES- My best friend in middle school had her birthday the day after mine. So we would have double birthday slumber parties. Pedicures, staying up late watching movies, Mama Lucia's pizza where the provel cheese sticks to the roof of your mouth, confessing which boys we thought were cute and the occasional going out to tp a neighbor.

SWEET 16- Another surprise b-day party to ring in that b-day. Of course this is a top 5, since sweet 16= drivers license.

ADULT B-days- Nothing really stood out to me. I do remember one birthday where I was in Athens, Greece in the morning and St. Louis that night.. it was the longest b-day ever with crossing time zones. But other than that, just your basic going out to eat with friends or stuff like that. So, not really top 5 material.

GET AWAYS- A few years ago I decided that I like quality time and traveling, so that is what I wanted for my b-day. Chris and I took a trip to Nashville for my b-day and had a blast. That settled it, no more parties.. trips for me.

FAMILY FUN- I remember growing up I would ask my parents what they wanted for b-day or Christmas and they would always say, "All I want is to be with my family". I kind of thought that was a lame answer. (I also remember my dad always got stuck with lame gifts like handkerchiefs and wallets because he never specified what he wanted as a gift.) Well, now I am a mom and that is what I want for my b-day... to be with my family. Having fun with my family at the resort was the best birthday gift. Top 5 all the way!

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